For fish and freaks

Liquid ice, binary ice, flow-ice, slurry ice, ice-slurry etc. are phase mixtures. At least one of their components is liquid, the other one is hard (ice). Depending on:

  • the condition of the icemaker
  • the engineer’s skills
  • the condition of the work medium
  • the evaporating temperature
  • the flow conditions

the size and quality of the ice crystals are defined in the icemaker. This is a critical aspect for the fishing industry, for instance, as it requires gentle cooling and sharp crystals are not wanted on the fish skin.
For mining (air cooling), liquid ice offers a very high specific output in comparison to brine – without causing suffocation like coolants would do in case of a leakage. The chemistry and food industry value the non-existing reactivity and the high cooling capacity.

Evaluation and enthusiasm with the right sense of caution!