Technical Expertise

After having worked at the industrial plant engineering sector for 16 years, we were able to built an unrivalled knowledge base. When it comes to refrigeration technology, this regards all technologies revolving around ammonia, CO2 and synthetic refrigerants, as well as their numerous applications in the chemical, food and beverage industry, in logistics and IT-climatisation. We are also very familiar with the challenges imposed by the technological requirements of food production and processing.

We are able to combine the technological expertise of leading companies to your advantage. If desired, we are happy to provide work references.

Cultural Expertise

In industrial plant engineering, we have worked at and with German and international companies of all sizes. Some of them are French, American, Turkish, Russian, Bulgarian origin – just to name a few. Thus, we are very familiar with different (corporate) cultures and they are invaluable for our day-to-day operations.
After more than 16 years as constructor, commissioning engineer, project manager, sales engineer and sales manager, we also know the supplier side and their motivation very well. Therefore, we have become familiar with the different ambitions of plant engineers, suppliers and construction sites.

Negotiation Expertise

After more than 100 million Euros of negotiated contract value and countless projects, you can expect us to deal with conflicts (if necessary) on a professional basis. In addition, you can also expect considerable negotiation skills from us. Maybe we can also be your qualified partner in this regard – we are eager to broaden our knowledge.