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About me / Dipl.-Ing. Engeland
Jan H. Engeland, born on December 15, 1971 in Bremen, Germany, studied food technology with focus on brewery and beverage technology in Munich. Since then, he had the opportunity to gather experience in plant engenineering for more than 16 years. He has worked for leading plant manufacturers in sales, as engineer and project manager, including the commissioning of a plant.
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Place: Bremen
From March 2012 to May 2016
Employees: 120
Branch: industrial and commercial refrigeration
Duties: sales director, responisble for sales, design and budgeting department within plant engineering, contriving and processing R&D-Projects

  • Design and project planning of refrigeration plants, trigeneration (combined heat, power and cooling production), heat pumps, heat recovery
  • Draft, calculation and estimate of the solution, realization of the project with the client (sales), revision of the commissioning results
  • Evaluation of (older) facilities. Reconstruction, upgrading and expansion, as well as troubleshooting, identifiing and fixing errors
  • No specilisation: plants with all refrigerants: ammonia, CO2, propane (only unit), synthetic refrigerants R 507a/404A/407F/134a and coolants
  • Applications: climate, freezing, heat pumps, cooling water systems
  • Absorption refrigerators (only integration): NH3 and LiBr
  • Plants for trigeneration (combined heat, power and cooling production): draft, budgeting, calculation, integration
  • Ice thermal storage (ammonia): Draft (technology/construction), integration
  • Coolant networks: glycol, brine, water, heat recovery
  • HVAC Ventilation systems: only industrial – no comfort ventilation
  • (Re)introduction of the DX technology for ammonia plants in Europe. Design, Draft and calculation of the pilot plant, as well as configurating and coordinating the components while realising the contract
  • New construction of an ammonia ice thermal storage: initialising, draft and leading of the project team
  • Lecture at the annual meeting of the Deutscher Klimatechnischer Verein (German Climate Technology Association), 2014: „Reducing the filling quantity in ammonia refrigeration plants“

Place: Büchen
From January 2011 to February 2012
Employees: 25.000 (enterprise)
Branch: brewery / beverage plant engineering
Duties: project manager, processing and project plannung plant engineering

  • Configuration, construction and calculation of brewery production plants
  • Configuration and construction of the plants for steam, refrigeration, compressed air, gas
  • Chief Technologist for commissioning the production plants
  • Implementation and management of the commissioning on site
  • Contract Manager to lead project teams for Turnkey projects national and international

Formerly: York International
Place: Hamburg
From May 2007 to December 2010
Employees: 300 (industrial refrigeration D)
Branch: Industrial refrigeration (plant engineering)
Duties: sales and project planning plant engineering

  • Draft, project planning and sales of refrigeration plants
  • Technical: see Kreutzträger, no industry, no ice storage
  • Lecture at the VDI Wissensforum (Knowledge Forum of The Association of German Engineers): „Industrial Recooling Technology“

Place: Hamburg
From January 2006 to February 2007
Employees: 1,600
Branch: HVAC, IT air-conditioning, residential air conditioning
Duties: sales / project planning / project management plant engineering

  • Draft and project planning of industrial ventilisation and air-conditioning systems
  • Draft and project planning of IT air-conditioning systems inside/outside
  • Systems: free cooling, as well as different refrigerant and air distribution
  • Draft and project planning of grit climate plants
  • Project management for IT and and residential air conditioning plant (R407C)

Company name: Carrier Kältetechnik
Place: Hamburg
From October 2004 to December 2005
Employees: 80 (industrial refrigeration)
Branch: Industrial refrigeration (plant engineering)
Duties: sales / project Design planning / project management / plant engineering

  • Draft, design, calculation and processing of refrigeration plants
  • Knowledge building synthetic refrigerants (R 507A / R410A / R 404a / R134a)
  • Recording and analysis of older facilities and plans of the operator on site
  • Project planning Design / processing of industrial HVAC air-conditioning systems

Company name: ENGIE Refrigeration GmbH
Ex: Axima Refrigeration, Cofely Refrigeration
Place: Lindau / Bodensee
From July 2000 to September 2004
Employees: 100 (industrial refrigeration)
Branch: Industrial refrigeration (plant engineering)
Duties: Project Management

  • Contract / project management, participation in commission processes
  • Design of refrigeration plants, organising the assembly
  • All refrigerants, different industrial applications
  • Coolants, refrigeration plants and cooling water systems, meaning hydraulic design
  • Ice thermal storage plants, ammonia plants for thermal air-conditioning
  • Causing and eliminating noise problems at a container plant

Institute: Technical University of Munich (TUM)
Place: Freising-Weihenstephan
From November 1992 to November 1999
Degree: Dipl.-Ing. (Business Graduate) food technology with focus on brewing technology
Diploma thesis: „Integration of the CO2 recovery into a brewery`s refrigeration plant“

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