Planning and Tendering

Whether a new building, an extension or an adaptation of the refrigeration system – we are at your side to assist you with planning and implementation. In general there are nine performance phases throughout a project:



Your company is evaluated and documented regarding all the relevant aspects of material and energy flow. Specifications are noted, project scope and requirements are defined.

The preliminary planning is based on the specification. This is the phase “empty sheet.” Calculations, interpretations and initital collision checks are carried out with other prarties involved. Initial evaluations with potential suppliers are carried out to ensure that the project can be realised and to give budget figures. This is the most complex phase for the planning engineer.

After consultation with other involved parties, the client is given the opportunity to coordinate with internal staff or external departments such as authorities.

This is where tendering and specifications are drawn up, potential suppliers are selected and contacted. We know the market and evaluate the providers according to their capabilities for you. After we receive the quotations from you, they are evaluated technically and professionally by us. We ask for any further improvements where it applies.

As our client, you decide what is important: investment, sustainable execution, efficiency, delivery time, maintenance costs, space requirements or operational interruptions are just some of the factors. We help you make a decision and evaluate the consequences. If desired, we are able to advise you during the negotiations and set up of the contract on terms of liability, insurance and scope of supply. Working at the “point of sales” for more than 10 years and realising countless projects made us negotiation experts. And we would like to make you profit from our skills.

Time-consuming / Costly, perhaps slow and the least popular phase of the project, but the most important one nonetheless. We ensure the quality control, delivery and delivery dates. In case there are differences, we help you with the preparation and enforcement of claims. At this point, we tell the plant manufacurers that we can avoid undesirable developments early on due to our monitoring. This results in an expeditious project progress, which saves time and energy.

After completion of the project, we will check if the promises were kept. We organise the acceptance and focus on the quality of the documentation, which will make operation and later modifications easier.

Audit acceptance and transparency – every step along the way